Announcing Our New Uber Direct Integration πŸŽ‰

We are excited to announce that Redbox now features a first-party integration with Uber Direct :red_car::dash: :tada:

Since the launch of Redbox 7.0 in February, our team has worked diligently with Uber Direct to ensure a seamless integration. Just last week, we successfully completed all integration tests, achieving a significant milestone. We are now pleased to invite you to adopt this feature and explore its deployment in your marketplaces.

Similar to our existing integration with Stuart, this new feature harnesses Uber’s advanced delivery technology directly through Redbox, enhancing operational efficiency, reducing costs, and providing access to Uber’s superior rider network.

For more information and to start using this feature, please review the Uber Direct Integration Guide.

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I’m very much looking forward to this. I’m wondering if someone can be in touch to check an area for me to see if it’s covered by Uber. I have a number of places on hold waiting for me to be able to provide drivers, and this could be ideal.

Hi John, open a support ticket with us and I will put you in touch with our account manager at Uber Direct.

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@Cat I was just sent the delivery rates from Uber, it be great to get a chat to someone about how we can utilise this service and make it profitable. Most in my area are charging Β£3.50 max for 1mile then it increases from there. Uber <1mile Β£5, 1mile to 1.5 Β£5.63, 1,5-2mile Β£6.25.

I really want to move this along as i’ve a number of business waiting for managed delivery.