Split Delivery/Collection Fees

Hi all,
Has anyone had any pushback on the Delivery/Collection Fees when using Stuart Integration? I understand we have to charge the same commission on both, regardless of the integration?

IE A Collection order from a business using the Stuart Integration for delivery only, would still be the higher commission rate - is that right?

I was looking into this in my area but Stuart isn’t available. I did try and pair with a 3rd party app but there was too many variables that could go wrong. Like being able to accept delivery orders when no driver is online. But when I set the partners up on it, they accepted that if they wanted to use managed delivery the commission is higher for them as a whole.

Whilst I do agree there should be a way to lower the commission on collection orders I don’t mind it as much because generally speaking if providing Stuart to deliver then we are only more so breaking even anyway.

When an orders collected due to the higher commission it’s a good way to bring down the average profit/loss for those outlets.