Onboarding New Businesses

Please discuss topics around onboarding new businesses and suggestions on ways to improve your onboarding process etc.

Our Efficient Evolution in our Marketplace Onboarding :rocket:

Good afternoon (or morning, depending on the time you are reading this) fellow Redbox Marketplace owners.

Reflecting on the initial stages of establishing my marketplace, I recall the intricate process of gathering all essential information from businesses and familiarizing myself with PayBox – a dual challenge that was both enlightening and demanding :slight_smile: .

Initially, the most time-intensive aspect was assisting businesses in completing their financial sections for PayBox. This often involved numerous follow-ups and personal meetings to guide them through the process, even though it’s a straightforward and easy process.

Today, we have streamlined this process with a short comprehensive yet user-friendly form that businesses can complete in less than 5 mins. It efficiently collects all necessary information from a business owner allowing me to onboard them very quickly. Furthermore, I personally oversee and complete the setup of PayBox, the financial section, ensuring it’s completed swiftly within 30 minutes of receiving the form.

I’m committed to simplicity and efficiency, making the journey smoother for both us and our business partners.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing what Redbox releases next, especially WayBox.

Yeah good idea - one thing I have been working up too is a ‘full’ checklist of everything I’d need to go from business/outlet/stripe etc, so I can just do it in a oner. But then it does contradict my idea of making people have more ownership of their Stripe accounts, in case of issues.

@kieron They still control the Stripe account; they can log in as the details are emailed to them and they need to confirm, but for ease of getting everything set up, it’s far quicker for us to complete it :slight_smile: Once you start they will get a text message with a code, if they pass that to you, you can have it completed within 10 mins tops. Or, wait for a business to do it and chase them over and over again.

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