What is Uber Direct?

On the roadmap it mentions Uber Direct. What is this and how can it be utilised for a marketplace?

Hi Ivan, i believe it’s a integration with Uber to allow our market places to use uber direct drivers for managed deliveries.

The issue I see though, as with Stuart is they don’t operate in every area.

I’ve 4-5 takeaways interested in joining my marketplace however Stuart doesn’t operate on tge area, and uber are nearly non-existent.

Thanks John

Bit strange as well if an Uber driver turns up at your marketplace customer’s door with an Uber bag and uniform. Prefer to have a white label redbox verison of driver software available. Is Waybox dead in the water.

When i launched my marketplace Nov 22 it was said WayBox wasn’t that far away and would be launching soon. I was told recently it’s still some time away but i’m looking forward to it.