Mobile 5.0 Now Available for Early Access

We’re thrilled to unveil our newly redesigned Mobile 5.0 (Early Access), following the successful launches of Redbox 7.0 and Website 2.0! :tada:

This latest update is a significant part of the extensive enhancements we’ve made to our customer ordering platforms, which were Announced Q4 Last Year. We’ve rebuilt core functionalities and introduced exciting new features, all on our new Customer 2.0 services to boost scalability and performance.

As we continue to evolve, we warmly invite you to explore these updates and share your valuable feedback. Please feel free to discuss these changes in the comments below or report any issues through our Support Desk.

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Good stuff, trying it on my phone now. :v:

Think I’m most excited about being able to remove the ‘COLLECTION ONLY’ empty ‘label’ menus I have put into outlets we’d sneakily set to delivery, so they show on the front page. By being able to set all will definitely streamline this. :muscle:

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Great! Don’t forget to upload a service component icon to your marketplace, it needs to be 32x32. Someone from my team will drop you an email about this today.

I agree the new outlet list which shows all your outlets helps bring those collection outlets to customers. If you use the layout with the full details in the open lozenge the outlet will say ‘Open for Collection’ so customers know which service to expect.

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It’s looking good after that icon thank you.

I do like the new payment system too, I will submit as request but it would be good to get that payment section to be able to open it from the main menu, as currently you’d need to do a pretend checkout just to edit, and of course, Google Pay would be grand to get on there! But going well in my testing so far!

I do this to, otherwise collection only outlets don’t get seen at all.

How will the new version help mate?

Haven’t even had time to follow the fuse you sent me. Seems as soon as one partner completes I’m straight into the next these pass 2 weeks.

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Essentially the ‘front page’ of the app, can now show both fulfilment methods by default if you want, which I have mine as (I believe it might be the out-of-the-box setting on this too, as I don’t remember doing it) - but works well, by default I see both, and I can narrow it down to delivery/collection if I wanted etc, as a customer.

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Making progress this evening to install the new version onto my Apple device. Looking forward to checking it out

@Cat so i tried installing the new version tonight and I got a message sometime later saying FAILED, I retried and it said not available, so tried again, not available. Just refreshed my side and now 2 are initialising.

Not sure why it’s failing, any help would be great

Hi John, if you ever have an app build fail it’s worth checking if you have any agreements to accept in your app store. Just go to and check to see if there is an :exclamation: warning on your business account. If there is, complete whatever Apple need and then try your build again.