How often are you doing a push notification?

Curious what others do here, I currently do a Tuesday, Friday & Saturday, all evening around 5/6PM.

I use them once a week, mostly Thursday or Friday, always about 5pm, if they are a general ‘get your order in’ sort of push. If it’s to highlight an offer or new outlet we might do an extra one on a different day that week.

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Interesting you don’t do too many either then. I have a bunch of apps as I’m guessing we all do for research, but Just Eat hammers me - I often wonder if they have some algorithm for targeting and automating them because sometimes I’ll get 2 a day from them at the strangest hours.

Does make me think people probably have a higher tolerance for being annoyed than I think they do, but doesn’t make me feel any less bad whenever I send my second ping that week :joy: