How are you handling differences between Stripe/Invoices/Discount reimbursement?

I’ve just been discussing with an outlet who has been to an accountant and they have suggested that stripe and the invoices are different and I’m assuming that when I go and visit to have a look it’s just because of the different payment schedules around them perhaps.

But also it got me thinking whenever I do a discount I have to manually reimburse the business for this and obviously that doesn’t show up on the invoice because I just sent it to their bank.

So I just wondered how anyone else is handling this from an outlets accounting perspective. Do you tell them “Yeah this is a pretty good source of truth but it might be wrong because I’ve ran a discount”

It just feels a bit strange to say. I’m not really sure there is a solution so just curious how others handle this.

I tell they to run a custom payout report.

See, when using automatic payouts (paybox) invoices fund from a Monday to Sunday which are then send on the following Monday. But payouts actually run Sat through Friday.

The custom report will then match with the money that the client receives into their bank.

I’ve spoken to Redbox team and submitted a ticket and the wordings on the automating statements on a Monday is to be changed showing them is as it wasn’t possible to just run in icing from Sat being the start of the week to Friday being the end.

Hope that makes sense. I’ve also created a pdf I can send to clients that need more help on running the custom report.

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Thanks John, thats a good idea re; the pdf. which report are you referring too? I didn’t think you could choose the range as such, but rather pick a day and it auto-selects the nearest Monday?

Good Morning @kieron I feel your struggle as i went through it and still do when trying to explain to new takeaways when they ask why their payments are different to their Monday (Weekly) Statement/invoice.

Have a look at the steps below.

  1. Select Report
  2. Change Day to Custom image
  3. Change period so Sat being the start day and the Friday being the last day.

@kieron did you manage to get your head around this?

Hey John thanks for those screenshots, I think I was so used to looking at the other revenue report, forgot this one was here, should be much easier to use this one! thanks

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