Made a discount share calculator - if anyone wants to try!

Thought id’ post this little tool I have been working on, you can take a Redbox discount CSV export, and it’ll parse it, and tell you what you owe based on the agreed % you are covering.

Do give it a try & let me know if you manage to break it, link here:

There is a sample data button too if you don’t have a CSV and just wanna see what it does.

(also mods pls feel free to move topic, couldn’t think where to put!)


Excellent Work Kieron, but you know this because i already messaged your :slight_smile:

Here’s an idea if it’s possible.

Say we agree a discount with a takeaway of 30%. They put in 10% we cover 20%

Is it at all possible to be able to have a calculator like yours that we can enter the total discount, then enter shop contribution percentage, and marketplace percentage, then it shows what their and our contributions (money values) are.