How are you using Website 2.0 segments?

We have migrated Pronto to Website 2.0 and have been setting up some segments. So far they seem to be a great way to help customers find the food they are looking for or to highlight offers. The segments we have are categories based and so far we have:

Pronto Pizza Favourites - shows all outlets with the Pizza category
Street Food and Burgers - shows all outlets with the Street Food or the Burgers category
Curry & Spice Sensations - shows all outlets with the Curry or Thai category

You can take a look here:

These segments mean that all our outlets show in at least one of these segments, and it makes it easy to browse for the type of takeaway a customer wants as the segments show the cover images which are all images of food.

What do you think to these types of category segments? Would you be able to use segments like this that group your outlets into just a few segments but ensure everyone is featured?

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Looks great. Right now I only have an ‘Exclusive to Louth to Mouth’ segment, but I’m wondering if it’s actually worth shouting about at all.

Don’t want to make anyone feel less valued, and also not entirely sure of the value the end customer actually gets from the segment.

This hasn’t dropped yet on the local eats franchise areas would there be anything stopping this.

Our partners determine when to activate features for their marketplaces.

Vastly behind I guess