Avoiding Business Interruption

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To ensure seamless operations, it is essential to keep auto-renewal settings and agreements up to date. This will help prevent interruptions to crucial services and ensure your marketplace business runs smoothly.

Key Areas to Check:

  1. Apple Store Developer Account
  • Why It’s Important: An active Apple Developer account is essential for maintaining your apps’ availability on the App Store. Expired accounts can lead to apps being temporarily removed from the store or updates being blocked.
  • Action Required: Verify that your Apple Store Developer account is set to auto-renew. Navigate to your Apple Developer account settings and check the billing section to confirm this. Also, check on the account if there are any outstanding agreements.
  1. Google Play Store Developer Account
  • Why It’s Important: Your Google Play Developer account must be active to keep your apps available on the Google Play Store. If the account lapses, your apps may become unavailable for download or updates.
  • Action Required: While there’s no recurring fee for the developer account itself, maintaining valid and up-to-date payment information is crucial if you use any other Google services (like cloud hosting, API usage, etc.) associated with your app, even if the app is free. In addition, ensure that your Google Play Developer account remains in good standing by complying with Google’s policies.
  1. DNS Service
  • Why It’s Important: DNS services are critical for ensuring that your domains and associated services remain accessible. An expired DNS subscription can cause your website and other services to become unreachable and take significant time to resolve.
  • Action Required: Check with your DNS provider to ensure your domain registration and DNS hosting services are configured for auto-renewal. This is typically found under your account settings or billing preferences.

Steps to Ensure Auto-Renewal:

  1. Review Account Settings: Regularly check the account settings for each service to confirm that auto-renewal is enabled.
  2. Update Payment Information: Ensure your payment methods are up-to-date to avoid any interruptions due to failed transactions.
  3. Set Reminders: Set calendar reminders a few weeks before the renewal date to verify that everything is in order.
  4. Monitor Communications: Keep an eye on emails from these services as they often send reminders about upcoming renewals, payment issues, inactivity and outstanding agreements.

Avoiding Interruptions:

By taking these proactive steps, you can significantly reduce the risk of unexpected interruptions to your business operations. Keeping these services active ensures that your apps and websites remain available to your customers without any downtime.

If you have any questions or need assistance with managing your auto-renewal settings, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Together, we can ensure our operations run smoothly and without interruption.

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